About our brand

Introducing SDC Garments, a brand synonymous with everyday comfort and luxurious style, conceived by the creative mind of Antonio Ngonga. Our Logo, "Saignement Du Coeur," translating to "Bleeding Heart" in French, embodies the ethos of embracing vulnerability as a profound manifestation of strength.

During his time in university in Australia, Antonio's passion for high street fashion brands collided with the reality of financial constraints, a dilemma shared by many of his peers. In response, he embarked on a journey of creativity and resourcefulness, repurposing and revitalizing his existing wardrobe through recycling, cutting, and painting.

It was during this transformative process that SDC was born. A simple heart painted on a worn-out jumper became the emblematic symbol of authenticity and self-expression. Antonio recognized that the clothes he wore were more than mere garments; they were a reflection of his innermost self, garnering admiration not just for his style, but for the essence of his being.

SDC beckons you to embrace this same ethos; to prioritize comfort without compromising on sophistication. Our collection of high-end pieces is designed to seamlessly integrate with your everyday attire, allowing you to express yourself authentically while embracing vulnerability as a form of empowerment.

About our founder

Meet Antonio Ngonga, a visionary fashion designer and creative director at the helm of the dynamic clothing brand, 'Saignement Du Coeur.' Hailing from the vibrant city of Madrid, Antonio's journey has taken him across the globe, residing in diverse cities such as Montreal (Canada), London (UK), Sydney (Australia), and presently establishing his roots in Milan (Italy). Here, he tirelessly works towards crafting an affordable and sustainable luxury fashion brand.

Having immersed himself in various continents, cultures, races, and languages, Antonio discovered a unique ability to bridge gaps and connect with people from all walks of life. This global perspective fuels his deep-seated commitment to fostering connections, empowerment, and upliftment for both the visible and unseen individuals he encounters. Antonio is driven by an unwavering passion to create a positive cultural impact, uniting people through collaboration and leaving an indelible mark that resonates globally.

For Antonio, fashion is more than just external aesthetics; it is a profound expression of our inner selves. He sees fashion as the highest non-verbal form of communication and emotional connection. The attire people choose at public gatherings tells a story, reflecting the occasion and capturing the essence of the moment. Antonio believes that fashion serves as the cultural driver of our world, embodying the soul of individuals and standing as the bridge between success and failure. To him, fashion is the sensory experience of beauty, a unifying uniform that transcends individuality, prompting collective action for causes greater than oneself.

In Antonio Ngonga's perspective, fashion is the universal language through which the world connects, expresses, and becomes one. His journey is one of faith, hard work, endurance, perseverance, patience, and resilience—a quest to contribute to the world of fashion in a way that leaves an enduring and impactful legacy.